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Angry 190E Door Lock Broken

Just recently, the driver side door lock on my 1992 190E decided to quit funtioning so this weekend, I pulled out the lock assembly and found the metal end/pin to the lock assembly (that fits into the white ring that that turns and controls lifting the little lock knob on the inside of the car) broke and now I'm with dilemma of fixing this contraption.

So my plan is to find another MB from a salvage yard with the same mechanism and change take the metal pin that broke on mine. My first question is if this is the best path to take to fix my lock. I'm sure I can go to the dealer to get this fixed but they'll lay down a hefty price a high school student would not be able to afford. My second question is what other cars (besides the 190E) have this same pin and mechanism that turns the little white thing to lock and unlock my door. If a bunch more cars have this little contraption, my search will hopefully be shorter.

Thanks in advance.

- Andrew
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