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Michael Bushnell
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I agree with all the indications you mention. So far, the overheat is when driving around the neighborhood. I havenít tried to let it stand and idle. The oil was just changed to synthetic when the radiator, plugs and wires were changed. There are no indications of oil, water or compression outside the block, nor any mixing in the fluids is evident. The expansion tank fluid is tough to see clearly. Oil in the expansion tank will be tough to find. The only indications are the severe missing when starting a cold engine. That clears up as it runs in less than a minute. The other indication is ballpark 150 compression on the forward 6 cylinders and 170 compression on the rear two. I have no idea how to see if the coolant is flowing. Maybe changing the waterpump should be the first step. What do you think? UnkaMike
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