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No idea how I got a cracked head.

Went to PetSmart. Jump in my car, cranked it and it made a funnie idle and the check engine light ws on. Car drives fine.

Couple hours later after i get home i decide to go out to get something to eat. Jump in my car and it won't turn over when I tried to start it. Then it turns and it spits out white smoke from the exhuats. Took it into the dealer immediatly after that.

No idea how that happened. I have regular radiator flushes, oil changes and everything. That has has NEVER overheated. I'm just not sure what caused the problem.

One problem that did occur that I can closely relate to the cracked head is that the mechanics at MB did not tighten the sparkplugs too well last time they changed it and cause some "knocking sounds" I tightened it and about 2 weeks after i get a cracked head. Any relationship? Also have 1 Bad exhaust valve on the 6th cyclinder where the plug was loose.
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