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Originally Posted by 123euroowner View Post
Im still somewhat of a noob wiht my Benz. I was considering running SVO to reduce fuel costs. I have a few questions-

1) Can SVO be blended into diesel right in the cars tank or should I add a second tank?

2) If I pour it in the tank, should I get a fuel heater?

3) What are the best ratio's of SVO to Diesel for different climates?

4) In warm climates, can it be run off SVO without problems?

5) How can I prep for the SVO?

6) Whats the reason for adding regular unleaded gas (RUG) to the SVO mix?

Someone please explain this to me, Im lost
I would be wary of taking advice from anyone here who doesn't know where you live. When you get around to putting that info in your profile let us know.

If your in a relatively warm climate you can blend and pour right into the tank. My blend is 1 gallon rug to 31/2-4 gallons WVO, cetane booster and biocide.

If it gets cold enough you may need a fuel heater. I think this is more trial and error. Depending on your blend.

If you have access to SVO go for it. You do not need any preperation to use SVO.

Adding RUG to the SVO lowers the viscosity to the same as diesel fuel. Which is why you don't need to heat it.
Blending with diesel fuel does not accomplish lowering the viscosity enough. If you don't want to put rug in your tank use kerosene.
Originally Posted by 79300sdtd
1) the preferred method is a 2 tank heated system. this gets the SVO down to a viscocity close to diesel.
Not true. Blending accomplishes the same thing.
Originally Posted by 79300sdtd
2) refer to number 1. another thing is i hear that SVO makes wax fall out of diesel, which inturn clogs things up.
This is a problem that CAN happen but rarely does. In my opinion it's an old wives tale told by people who don't know better.

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