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Exclamation '72 280SE Won't Start

I'm going out of my mind trying to figure out why this thing won't start. Here's the deal... It's a 1972 280SE with the 4.5 M117 V8. It was running great the other day, but since the engine was quite sludged up, my dad decided to clean the engine with some degreaser and water. Afterwards, it wouldn't start. I know there's nothing wrong with the FI, the injectors are spraying just fine (I took one out and watched it spray). So I figured it was the ignition system, though it seems to be getting a pretty healthy spark out to the plugs. I'm guessing this has something to do with moisture since it was working great before it was washed. Could moisture in the distributer be making the spark too weak or messing up the timing? Is there perhaps some other system that could be affected by water? I'm kind of unfamiliar with Mercedes engines, so I'm somewhat at a loss here.
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