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This just gets funnier...


I've been cracking up at this guy's auctions, so I thought I might weigh in-for full disclosure I'll say I sold cars for about two years (hated it but learned a LOT). Take a look at this one:

In the shots of the full front of the car, take a look at the headlights-yep, sediment and condensation, and by the looks of where it has settled and stained the inside of the headlights, the car was not only submerged but sitting almost over on its left side! There are a couple shots where there seems to be water that has drained out through the door panels, and left a similar stain. The leather looks dingey to me overall, and conveniently out of focus in those shots. Of course there is the "Shiny New" upper radiator hose, no doubt due to a fresh shot of Mr. Slicky's Spray-On Engine-Sell.

I wonder if he knows the whole Benz enthusiast community is laughing at him.

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