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Replaced Part

I thought it was called a "slip disc." It's round, flat and has several holes in. It is tied in with the transmission. If the dealer had even put the car on the rack, they would have seen it. It took the shop here just a few minutes. All he did was walk over, grap the around aournd and see that it was incredibly loose. The part was definitely broken. As I said in my complaint to MB dealer, you might expect this from a Ford, but an S320 MB?!

And thanx for your reply. I'm really pretty ignorant of car parts, etc., so I can't actually answer your question accurately.

My feeling is the same as you. I cringed when the mechanic brot the pan over to my son and me and showed us and said, We have a problem. I have always been told to change the trans fluid and the filters.

The lack of MB willing to accept this as a problem to me is incredible. Obviouslly it has something to do with the almighty dollar!
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