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Question question about transmission numbers

Hi All,

Ok I know a little about transmission numbers:

1. The first 10 numbers are the regular MB part number, example 124 270 00 01
2. The next 6 numbers are transmission type, example 722 317 is a 722.3 and 17 is year and model.
3. The next 2 I donít know what for
4. Then the last 6 are the serial number
5. These numbers as youall know are stamped on the passenger side of the transmission like 124 270 00 01 722 317 02 123456

My questions concerns items 2 and 3:

#2 The transmission number 722 317, the 3 indicates large 6 bolt pan, if it was a 4 then itís a small. The 17 are suppose to be the year and model for the vehicle, my question is does anyone know how to tell what year and model, how do I read this code?

#3 What are these 2 numbers for?

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