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In removing the door panel, just remember to pry the seat controls apart very carefully; breaking a seat switch is not cheap. Also, there's a trick to removing the backside of the mirror (that triangular piece at the front corner of the window, where the mirror controller pops through)-a plastic piece on its backside projects directly into a receiver in the window frame; pry this out carefully and the whole piece removes easily from there.

Once you have the door panel off, it's fairly simple to remove the armrest. There will be a few screws holding it, as well as several melted-over plastic pieces that act as rivets. What I suggest is that you drill into the center of each of these plastic rivets with a bit of approximately the same diameter as the shaft of the rivet. Drill in an eigth of an inch or so, and the head of the rivet will pop off easily. For re-installation, I used a soldering iron with aluminum foil over the tip to melt the new plastic "rivets".

Good luck!
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