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I agree with michael, MBUSA is getting away with bad designs too easily.

Seriously we need some class action lawyers to help us fighting the arrogant MBUSA regarding things like wiring harness, headgasktes, etc.

Currently I am dealing with them on the Mass Air Sensor and Head gasket on M104. I wrote to them about these two issues and one guy replied. He chose to only talk about the MAS and ignored the head gasket issue. He said that the MAF failed after 50kmi so they are not responsible. But the headgasket was replaced at less than 50kmi but is leaking again at less than 60kmi. Right now I am politely writing to them and patiently waiting for their replies.

They think all of us are non-informed customers and can be easily fooled. The only way to fight them effectively is for many of us to get together and deal with them, sadly to say, in the court room.

I will be willing to take the lead on this depending on what they tell me in the next reply.
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