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Thanks for your great advice. I replaced the alternator successfully yesterday, and now I've got 14 volts, idling. I think the car is roadworthy now.

I wound up taking just the alternator out, and not the bracket. The bolt holding the bracket to the engine was super-tight, and inaccessible to the pb blaster can. The other bolts gave in to the blaster, and were easy to remove.

I didn't know that there would be an aluminum bushing/sleeve around the body of the upper (adjustment) bolt, so when I pulled that bolt out and the sleeve fell on the ground, I was like, "Oh *****, where did that come from? I hope that I'm not dismantling the engine."

All told, though, it was an easy, straightforward, and fun job, and thank you all for your helpful advise and generally positive attitudes.

When I bought the 1983 240D with 250K miles, my father joked: "So, finally, a Mercedes-Benz in the family."
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