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Question Help, Leaking Clear Oil From 95 E320!

Our 95 E320 is leaking clear oil form the drivers side of the engine. Here is what I know. It is not engine, trans, ac, break, or power steering oil. We have determined that it is not any of these oils because they are all a different color than the oil that is leaking. We have taken the ac compressor and the power steering pumps and have found that they are completely dry.
Now for the leak it is coming from behind the mounting plate that holds the, ac compressor, steering, and water pumps.
The leak appears when the air is on or off, and something kicks in, after looking at this I am now starting to think that the thing that gets kicked on is the thermostat engaging the water pump and the oil is leaking out of the water pump. I may have just solved my problem.

Let me know what you think.
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