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The little hose that could

The little hose that could

I posted a request about replacing the bypass hose on a 300e. “Do I need to remove the water pump to replace the bypass hose?” “Is there a way to slip a new on?” I got several responses “pump Must Come off”. Then one gentleman said “I slipped a new on without removing the pump”. Of course that was the answer I wanted to hear. The real question was how much space is there between the water pump and the cylinder head inlet? Since someone was able to replace the hose without removing the pump I assumed there must be at least ½ inch.

I got the drain pan out and proceeded to open the drain plug. All was going well until I realized that ¾ of the coolant was dripping onto the splash pan and onto the garage floor. After cleaning up the mess on the floor I proceeded to remove the clamps holding the bypass hose and took a sharp knife and slit that sucker in two. Holy crap… 1/8 inch… the thickness of the hose. There’s no way this is going on there!

I reviewed the water pump removal and realized that I needed O-rings if I were to remove the pump. Well I might as well give it a try… I looked at the hose and I looked at the opening and shook my head. I started to push the small end on to the cylinder head outlet. Yes I can… I used a large blade screwdriver and pushed… Yes I can… Then I got a pair of water pump pliers and twisted, turned, twisted, turned, yes I can, yes I can.

My friend was wrong… No cursing no crying no sweat. That sucker slid on like a ski boot on sore feet on a Vermont afternoon. I stood straight up and looked down and smiled… Yes it will.

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