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About the antenna. I had a similar sticking problem on the way down (don't know about your whole motor staying on thing) and I just applied some wd40 to the mast, and its been working great every since. Now about your radio, do you have the activ bass module? You can find out by first checking if you have speakers on your two front doors. If you do, then play some bassy music with the bass cranked, and see if you can feel the door vibrating. If they are, then you have the activ bass module speaker system. Also, check if you have speakers in both the front and back doors. If either of these two cases holds true, then you are in trouble. You will have to either gut the entire sound system (the amps are located in the trunk of your car) which is very time consuming, or you will have to buy a $100 adapter from becker auto sound that would convert this mini-din connector on the back of your head unit into something normal radios can work with. If either of the aforementioned scenarios don't apply to your car (I.E. you only have 4 speakers) Then its a simple matter of pulling out the old, and pushing in the new. As far as OE stereos with cd players, there is a mercedes unit, but it costs like $600. Another option is you could go with a blaukpaunt or nakamichi system which look subdued enough to be OE, but have better sound etc. As far as instructions for getting at your head unit, should help.
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