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I was going to change the tranny fluid/filter in my 86 560SEL and was wondering if the 2 gallon refill "rule" would be in effect also...for some reason I've been kinda weary of changing the tranny fluid because I've heard (from MB dealership service "pros" ) that it was a different ball game when it comes to changing the tranny fluid on the 560 (or maybe they just meant the 126) and I should ONLY have an MB facility (like them of course at the tune of 125 bucks) do such a job. I've changed my tranny fluid (as well as tranny swaps) in all of my other MB's but this is my first 126. I figured a tranny fluid change is a tranny fluid change but I also know how "iffy" and sometimes even strangely "different" MB's can be and although I can't even believe I considered letting the dealership do the job because of their opinions about one doing it themselves.Anyway, I've come to the conclusion that it SHOULD be relatively easy as any other tranny fluid/filter change and will go ahead and do it. I was just wondering if anyone has an absolute favorite as far as what type of tranny fluid I should use and how much? I kinda like the 2 gallon theory but I hope that the "little bit" of difference between recommended amount and what everyone uses doesn't back up what the techs say about doing it EXACTLY to MB specs.Thanks guys!
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