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Originally posted by blackmercedes
While it's true that the offset frontal crash test is not a crash involving two cars, it's VERY "real-world", as most intersection crashes involve an offset frontal impact. It's why the IIHS decided to use this type of impact to predict injury rates.

The Dodge performance should be an embarassment to the maker. They rely on people's perceptions of "big=safe" to sell the truck as a safer alternative to a car. Then they use poor design, poor materials, and charge premium prices.

I'll still choose cars for a balance of active and passive safety. IMHO, trucks are for hauling stuff, not families.
Looks like we are going to simply disagree. I've seen such impacts in the real world. The vehicles both absorb some of the energy and will slide away from each other, which in effect absorbs some of the accident energy. Worst one that I saw was between an Acura Legend and an old Ford Econoline van. The driver of the Acura was not moving at all, and had to be cut out of the car. The driver of the van walked. In these offest crashes, the Acura would have easily won and the van lost. I've seen similar pictres of such a wreck between two Dodge trucks - one a 3/4 ton, and the other a 1/2 ton. The 1/2 ton truck lost, but still did not crush into the cab area. The 3/4 ton truck fared much better. Both were totalled.
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