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Do it myself: rebuilding Center Armrest..

Owning a MB is becoming funnier, repairing a MB is truly a joy.

Yesterday I started to rebuild the center armrest on my 92 400E, when I bought a car, the internal frame inside my center armrest was broken, after I knew even an aftermarket one cost 300-400USD, I decided to rebuild it by myself.

After I removed it and disassembled it, I was surprised by how easy it was, all I needed was a spanner to remove two bolts hold armrest onto the seat, except that I swear you don't need any tool to take apart the armrest.

I was preparing to tear apart the leather cover, but MB design was so smart, you just release the clip at the back of the armrest and whole leather cover just slips off, all the internal locking and releasing metal parts could be disassembled by bare hands.

Now I completely disassembled my armrest, the center plastic frame was broken into 2 pieces, only the foam holds them together, I want to glue them first then use steel belt to reinforce the frame.

My question is: what is the strongest glue to use on plastic?

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