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Thank you everyone, I just finished the project.

On my way home from work, as most of you suggested, I bought some 5 minutes epoxy glue (resin and hardener), the plastic frame is very hard and not flexible, epoxy is ideal for the task.

I couldn't find the flexible steel belt from our Canadian Tire hardware store, just bought some large size nylon cable ties instead, they looked strong enough, the only problem was I could only put them around the frame then pull the ends to fasten, they might not be tough enough.

I first pried the foam around the plastic frame, prepared spaces to fit in the cable ties, also prepared the cable ties to the approximate size, cleaned the gaps of broken frame with a tooth brush, then applied glue onto the gaps.

The glue hardened super fast, I had only 4 minutes to apply glue , attach cable ties and fasten them, I was lucky to make it in 3 minutes, the nodes of the cable ties hide into the foam, barely noticeable.

Let it dry for about 20 minutes, I then gave all the rotatable parts a good lubricate, just when I put the last part back, wife shouted from kitchen "Supper is ready!", it took me 1 hr.
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