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hydraulics/self leveling question!!

Hey guys!
I'm just in the "mood" to change as many fluids as I can on my 560 SEL before I potentially contemplate putting her on the road from Atlanta to Chicago in the next month or so. After I support my man BENZMAC's business by getting him to check and maybe replace my timing chain,etc if needed (thanks dude) I want to change my hydraulic fluid for my self leveling and differential and probably even the power steering and brake fluid with some "fresh stuff" I actually just wanted any opinions and/or any heads up that I should look for as far as changing out the hydro fluid because I don't wanna screw up my self-leveling and since this is basically my first 126, I want to make sure I use the right stuff so if anyone has any advice as to what kind of fluids they use I'd appreciate any thoughts (I'm definately using MB hydo fluid though). Another thing, is this a relatively simple procedure as I'm thinking or will there be a bunch of issues (huh Benzmac?) thanks guys!
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