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91 300SE electrical problems?

I posted earlier today that my speedo bounced a couple of times when I came to a stop and the windshield washer light came on yesterday. On my way home tonight, the speedo was fine and the windshield washer light was off (I haven't checked the reservoir). Then the ABS light came on... then the SRS light came on... then the ACC went to full heat... then the tach and speedo started bouncing... all the lights dimmed... finally the engine stalled. After checking all the fuses (even the OVP fuses) it restarted and seemed fine. After moving a few feet, all the electricals went crazy again and the engine stalled. I had it towed the rest of the way home.

BTW, the battery light does NOT light when I turn the key to on. But the factory radio or something in that area clicks like mad. And the radio turns on when I turn the key to on even if I turn it off before I take out the key.

I'm now off to archive and CD manual land. Any ideas or thoughts in the meantime would be most appreciated. "I have for sale a 300SD/L in white with grey interior in great condition" would really be music to my ears

91 300SE ... what's going on?
81 300SD

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