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Old 04-24-1999, 09:21 AM
Bob Cavazos
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I'm in the process of removing an old cell phone. I've got everything out except for the mic, which is attached to the winshield pilar. How does one remove the trim? I tried removing the screww at the top where the visoe meets, but it didnt seem to do much.

On the Becker radio, the single (thick) wire next to the four-prong power plug, is it the power antenna lead?

THe right side mirror doesn't tilt high enough when using the switch--it just clicks after moving so far. I'm thinking that the mirror needs to be re-adjusted on its mount. Someone told me to wrap a rag around a screwdriver, insert it under the outside edge of the mirror, and pop it out. Is the this the preferred method--I tried using a rag/putty knife combination, but it didn't act like it was going to work, and I was afraid of breaking the mirror. Any suggetions?

Bob Cavazos