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Unhappy Idle problem - 94E320 HELPPPP

First of all, I would personally like to thank Gillybenztech for assisting me with this problem. Last week, I had an emissions problem so I had the air mass sensor changed. The cars idle fluctuated from 500-1000 rpms in the park position only, otherwise ok.

After having that part installed, the idle stopped fluctuating in the park position. But then I got an irratic idle. THE IDLE WAS FLUCTUATING FROM 500-700 RPM AT A STOP SIGN OR RED LIGHT IN THE DRIVE POSITION WHEN STANDING STILL. Sounds like "VRM VRM VRM VRM". When the car accelerates it's fine. The car surges forward then back only when I'm standing still. After 10 seconds or so It would stop.....the car gives up!!!! I can still drive but at the stop sign or red light I have to put the car in neutral.

The damage....idle speed conrtol unit....02 sensor $1,450.00. I've read on the boards that I might not need one. I know that I will need to spend money on this one but certainly not $1,450. The 02 sensor is not directly related...that's for emmisions.

Throttle Actuator?? self adaptation?? engine wire harness??air slide valve??? used tested idle control unit????

The car 99K on it. The car is at the shop waiting for my decision on Monday Jan 14.


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