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Question W124 Idle Surge

Hi folks

My E200 W124 '94 M111 engine is doing real odd things.

Starts Ok from cold, but after reversing out the garage, usually when I'm closing the door, the revs increase from 1000 to about 1500, for a second. The car is in Park so no problem.
It has done this for a month or so now.
Up to now, that was it. But it's doing it more often now, when I'm driving, and usually when I'm just waiting to pull out from a side road, and my foot is just resting on the brake!
when warm or hot, it's 100% OK.
I've checked the database, and looked at the OVP relay, and it is an early type, dated 93. Could it be that? Or any ideas?

Surrey England

94 W124 Wagon E200 103,000 miles
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