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Unhappy My 190e 2.3 16v will not start........HELP !!!!!!!!!

I have not used my car for about 2 months. Now it will not start!!!! The motor turns over and it tries to start but doesn't. One time the fuel pump did not energise and the motor started first time but died due to no fuel. When the fuel pump energises the motor just will not start. When I checked the plugs no. 2 and 3 were black whereas no. 1 and 4 were clean. All smelt of petrol. There is a spark going to all plugs. The last time I took out the plugs there was smoke coming from cylinders 2 and 3. Please help as I don't know where to look next !!!! My thanks in advance to all you guys. I hope you can help me this time as you have done in the past.
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