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Well it is definetly somthing from between the engine and trans. I wahsed the engine down really well and ran it for a while checked for leaks in the simpler spots such as the oil filter adaptor.I have just replaced the valve cover gasket and no it's not pinched. I checke under the car while the engine was running and I could see oil moving form the seam between engine and trans and running forward along the oil pan. I am quite confident that something between the engine and trans is leaking. My next step is to replace the lower half of the rear main seal, Bolt up the oil pans, install the adaptor plate and flywheel, then crank the engine to create oil pressure and check for leaks. If I get brave I may even start her up with the trans removed. Hopefully it was just the lower half of the rear main otherwise I am looking a a lot more work.
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