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I've found ATE and Brembo rotors for it
Brembo part # 64-13270 a person quoted me on. When I went to Brembo's site there was no part # listed for 92 400E's rotors MB part # 129.421.15.12 (SL chassis #,?)

If they(MB) upgraded the parts to a 93 Version then is there an even better upgrade possible?
SL type brakes?
500E type brakes?

What's involved if someone knows?

I've got the Brembo's on my Porsche and if I could get this thing to stop (no problem going) something like it, I would be tickled(ticketed?).

Lee, Your right about the shifting into third gear. It was about 130 before I got out of it and then it shifted. Still pulling strong at that point. Had about a 1.5 mile of open road in front of me.