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Just so I understand, "OEM" quality is what got me into this position in the first place.

The pads I have now are, Jurid's (OEM), The rotors are original(granted not cut, but still plenty of material and usually pass for replacing of pads only), in addition someone commented that this model's brakes was not up to the capabilites of the rest of the car from the factory.

I can live with the noise of the slotted rotors, as far as the pads being the "cheapest" in my expirence they work, The race shop I got them from sells every brand available that I mentioned in my previous posts, in his opinion, and mine they problably will work better, (stop better, not hard on rotors and create less dust) than "OEM" in this application. A lot of people use these Pad's both for AutoX-ing and street use for the above reasons. Thanks for your input though.

My next plan is to replace the braking system and wheels at the next chance I get.

Mike Mullins