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Still no joy

Well, my dealer determined that my car didn't qualify for the recall. The chassis number was within range, but the engine number wasn't. I'll appeal to MBUSA.

Ross, my symptoms include the "limp home" event triggering a lot of false diagnostic error codes, with the idle speed switch being commonly triggered. I had mine replaced too, with no joy. Seems common to others on this site with the same problem.

Ricky, the upper engine harness is the same one you had replaced. Apparently there is a lower harness that is part of the car's main harness (I think) and it is much more expensive to replace.

If MBUSA doesn't accept my appeal, I'm not sure what to do next. I could either buy-and-try the EACM, or try for a fresh diagnosis at the dealer or an indy. I'm a little worried about the wiring in the car, even with the engine harness replaced. Although it is happening almost every day now, it seems a sure way to trigger the event is to wash the car. It seems that a few miles after every wash, the car goes "limp". Co-inky-dink or a short somewhere?
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