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Talked to the service rep today "your car is fine, we couldn't find the problem, but it is documented for Goodwill in the future". I said 'MAY goodwill' wasn't the same as 'IS warranted', and as far as I was concerned there were 3 options:

1) If they think there is no problem, and that all of us are imagining the slipping, then give me the equivalent of a starmark warrantee on the trans and torque converter (that they have repaired twice before 25,000 miles).

2) If they can't document the problem, but choose to believe us, then get us a new trans from the factory and dump the one that they have dissected twice.

3) If the above aren't acceptable, I will call in the MBNA regional rep and 'special problems' tech and let them keep the car until the problem is seen and fixed.

He didn't like these and told me to talk to the manager on Monday, and the shop foreman would drive the car over the weekend trying to hope the problem comes back, but that "it is normal for these electronic transmissions to shift hard and strangely, they all do this". I said I would talk to the manager Monday before I called MBNA, but I wasn't taking the car back and 'closing the ticket' on this issue until it was fixed, and that I had never owned a car that needed trans surgery even once by 25,000 miles.

Does anybody have any other suggestions for my 'evil twin' persona to employ as this process unfolds? (Short of walking back and forth in front of the dealer with a sign - that comes later )

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