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1972 250 ignition?fuel?help!

i recently picked up a mercedes for my 16yr. old son. it had sat for 10yrs,so needless to say it was a lot of fun getting it to run.(the gas cap was missing and the fuel turned to sludge) after a few days of flushing the crud out of the system and tearing the zeniths apart,i got it to run fairly well. now it tends to run fine for a while,then abruptly quit. most times it will restart after giving the throttle a couple pumps.sometimes it will stall at a traffic stop as if it's fouled the plugs;last night on the freeway it acted like it was running out of gas. during my initial attempt to fire the car i bypassed the ignition module under the battery(now i need a diagram for the wiring to the unit) is that a problem? it seems to have plenty of fuel when i remove the lines to the carbs,but it still acts as if it's running out of gas. this happens very abruptly like you turned off the key. HELP! (p.s.,where can i get a wiring diagram for the disconnected control unit?) thanks,M.M.
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