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Thanks Dave and Larry - both good points. I am still interested if anyone in the forum has any experience with installing a remote oil filter set-up in a Benz. I don't know if the remote oil filter mfgrs. even make models for MB.

I will do some research on the availability of a remote set-up and advise the forum of my findings.

FYI - I got the idea for a remote from my dad's 94 Olds Bravada, 4.3L V6. This vehicle has a factory supplied, remote oil filter set-up mounted immediately behind the radiator bulk head on the drivers side of the engine compartment. This makes changing filters a snap.

Dave, FYI - I am also interested in a remote oil filter set-up for my 96 GMC K2500 Suburban. I don't know what the K1500 set-up is like; but I am tired of the mess my oil filter makes on my 7.4L. It is mounted worse that the MB - it is perfectly horizontal and it floods the CV joint in my front drive shaft upon removal. Not a big deal, just messy to deal with. I learned to take a 12 inch length of Al foil and arch it over the CV joint - this re-directs the oil to the catch pan.

Larry - like you, I like to do a thorough job and remove as much of the old oil from the system as possible. For this reason, I have yet to be interested in a suction system. However, reading the forum notes on suction systems, I may need to re-consider my position. Postings inply MB is designing drain pans on the newer models (i.e. MLs) to remove more of the oil via. suction than is allowed to drain by gravity. (OSHA concerns??) For this to be true, I would think the area immediately under the dip stick tube would need to become the lowest point in the oil pan. On my older MBs, the drain plug appears to still be the low point.
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