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Need Advice fast

Yesterday I noticed a little warning light came on and while my wife went into the store I checked the manual, it was low coolant. I got her out noticed some dripping under the car so I decided to drive it ti the MB shop which is about 5 miles. I drove it there and the temp never went up above 80, when I got there and was waiting I noticed that it had lost a lot of fluids.'s on little crooked hose which will take a few while I was waiting for the car, the salesman comes to me and starts selling me extended warrenty for my car. He tells me the mechanic showed him some soft hoses and through his experience he can tell that the head gasket will go soon... should I get extended 2400.00 Canadian..or what..the car never got hot..could I have damged the car driving it while loosing coolant. The car is in the shop now waiting for the hose. Thanks ahead for all your help.
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