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Originally Posted by mercmad6.3 View Post
Nothing right either. Carburetors belong to the last century,the beginning of the last Century in fact.. Put simply ,any one can build and tune an electronic fuel injection which will improve an engine and cut emmisons..when did you last meet some one who made their own carburator.
I won't disagree - but American car manufacturers weren't up to the task on a production level in passenger gasoline engines for a long time. Thats not to say they didn't try! Both AMC and Ford tried to get systems to market, but most of those attempts ended up being retrofitted with carbs.

The key here to fuel injection is ELECTRONIC.

Mechanical fuel injection went by the wayside because it was awful on fuel economy and emissions.

Early electronic injection was plagued with problems. The electronics were just not up to snuff. Compared to carburetors, fuel injection was pretty spendy stuff.

What really drove the evolution of fuel injection in the US was the involvement of the EPA in automobile emissions. First, they tried to engineer electronically controlled carburetors (I still have all those darn GM carb tools!) which were a total disaster, but eventually the Americans got on board.

So to get back on track, this is another reason I like the early 1970s as my MB era of choice. Technologically, there are some pretty good things going for my car and its a pleasure to drive because of it.

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