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Lee Scheeler
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Hope this answers your questions. I've formatted in >Q/..A format.

>I plan on putting 19" AMG chrome Monoblock >wheels onto the Mercedes. I heard that 20" >wheels might rub...have you seen this >happen? Which tire size (i.e. 225/40) would >you recommend?
.....Go to TireRack's "wheel rack" fittment guide. It will tell you exactly which wheels, of what diameter, of what design, will fit any given model. I would not go under 225/45/17. The money would be better spent on better tires at that point. Can't go wrong with Michelin MXX3 or Pirelli PZero Asm.

>Five figure cooling system repairs!!! =) >Anything specific I can look for when >ispecting the auto? It does get very hot >and humid in Miami.
....Not five figure cooling system repairs, the aluminum cylynder heads can be destroyed if severely overheated even once. Check for a perfect service history for starters. Coolant flush is not on the official schedule. Have the fluids tested to make sure there is no cross contamination between water/oil. Look at the radiator, it should be metallic and shiny,(bug guts aside) if it isn't...budget a new radiator. Search the forum regarding 400E cooling issues, that will give you the rest of the specific tests. Even if I drive agressivley in Atlanta traffic under 95+ degree/100 percent humidity my 400E is okay.

>Can you recommend a Mercedes shop in Miami >that would be able to provide me with a >thorough inspection of the car prior to >purchase?
.....I don't know any offhand. You can reference the MB dealer netowrk on their website. Perhaps another member can chime in here?

>Does AMG make bodykits for the 300E or >400E? Do they have a web site?
.....the only site in English that I know of is I'm sure they have a bodykit, but I would advise against it. It will hurt resale severely... If you want the sexy bodywork with the V8 just buy a 500E.

I'm glad we could be of help. Best of luck with your purchase....Lee

P.S. You may want to search the Shop Forum archives regarding things to look for/at when buying a W124 or W124 V8. The search function (at the top right corner of page) works wonders for digging up useful stuff.