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123 Transmission Faulters

Trusty '81 300D with strong maintenance history broke on my way home. I drove thru a green light, felt a bump almost like I ran over a speed bump (abt 10 mph)... and ta dah!! no more gears. I was on a slight grade so I gently let gravity pull me back to the light and I backed onto a side street.
Knowing very little, I checked upper engine compartment - and all looked great. I cut the engine - fired it back on... perfect. But shifting gears did nothing - - I tried them all. In fact, park may have worked...
Anyway, it's in the shop. The guy will check it in the am. He thought maybe flex disks (I think I have 2).
But the deal is: 0% responsiveness from the attempt to change gears - engine, etc. looks/sounds great.
Is there any way to narrow the damage or suggest appropriate questions back to the shop?
Thanks all.
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