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1. Remove the lower engine cover (usually two 8mm bolts in the front, the midsection, and the back--6 bolts total)

2. Under the car...Locate the drain plug...usually on the driver's side near the front of the engine on the oil pan. The bolt is a 13mm, I believe.

3. To loosen turn the drain plug counterclockwise to loosen... Installation is the reverse of removal.

I heard some special tools are required. Is that true?

Not to my knowledge, however a Topsider makes this job a breeze.

What is the recommeded oil for my car? And how many quarts?

These question can be answered be looking in your owner's manual... I have a 2.6 and don't want to give the wrong info.

Why do you want to change the oil but not the filter? A proper oil change consists of changing the oil and the filter. It may seem like an additional hassle/expense but changing the oil filter helps filter out harmful contaminants from your engine... You'll make your engine last longer.
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