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Close encounter electrical problem.

I have had a close encounter of the third kind with my 1990 190e 2.6. The head, tail dash and radio and just about everything seemed to flash bright and back to normal like it was getting electrical "spikes" somehow. This problem is new and intermittant. It happened after the car sat for a couple days and it wouldn't stop "flashing" the lights sort of like a police car flashing lights
I'm thinking the alternator is the problem. Does anyone know if the diodes are in the replaceable brush holder assemmbly?
The next day it was ok. The following day it started out acting normal, but once I was on the highway it acted up for a few minutes. The radio gets a lot of static when this happens but i does not seem to affect the running of the engines.
Any suggustions on narrowing this problemdown would be appreciated.
1990 190E 2.6
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