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Do the new 4Matics have the 4ETS+ system? I've never driven one of the newer ones... I figured they'd backed off of the complexity of the earlier (W124) design and put in open differentials. The idea of using the brakes to send power through the differential to the opposite wheel is pretty slick. If that's what they're doing I bet it works great. Pretty complicated though...

It still makes me laugh to see the 4x4s flail on my driveway. I think the problem is two-fold: open (non-locking) differntials, as well as a lot less siping (little slits) in their all-terrain tires, compared to the Pilots on my car. I'm sure by the end of the winter I'll have a lot more data points. It'll be interesting to see how Subarus fare... and since my wife travels with a more reputable crowd than I do so we might get some MLs up later in the season. If they get cocky I can always sandbag 'em with the hose-down-the-driveway-the-night-before-so-it-freezes trick.


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