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starting problems

A while back I posted a topic about the cold start problems that I am having. The car has problem starting when it is cold. I have to hit the gas pedal 10-13 time while starting the car, to get the engine running.
i have a 190E 1988 2.3

I recevied many replies, and I thank y'all for that. Right now I am short of time, so I took the car to 2 different mechanics.

mechnic 1 said it is the ECU, without even researching too much into the problem.

mechanic 2 said he will charge me $150 or more just to figure out the problem. I think mechanic 2 is just trying to rip me off. And I cant seriously afford to pay $150-200 to just figure out the problem at this time. I am willing to pay to get the problem fixed (around $350).

Anyone know of a good, reliable mechanic in san jose, CA who can fix the problem? I need someone who will not rip me off. Right now I am a little bit short on money.

Is it OK if drive the car, like it is right now. Or will that create more problems for me?

Thanks for all the help.
Saqib Ali
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