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Originally Posted by BIGRED View Post
As stated in another post, I decided to do a number of repairs on the wagon, starting with the engine which has less power (than our SD), smokes on start-up and uses about 2 qts of oil between changes. Valve stem seals, turbo rebuild and a look inside the ALDA is what I have planned.

Because I decided to replace the intake/exhaust gasket, I pulled the manifolds and turbo. I had wiggle in my shaft and it did not spin freely.

I ordered a complete turbo rebuild kit and with that by shipping the parts required, bead blasting and balancing was included $75.00 (plus shipping charges for the balancing).

With available diagrams I found online, the job was not difficult. I did take my time and spread out steps over several days. (an hour here a half hour there)

I soaked all parts and cleaned and cleaned and cleaned them more. I think I spent 5X the time in cleaning as installing the parts.

Shaft is now free of slop and spins freely.

The bead blasting and balancing was included along with the $75.00 + shipping? (I did not look at all of the Ebay adds that you posted but I did not see free bead blasting or balancing it the 1 add that I did look at.)
You took the turbo apart and set what parts? When you have time sit down and sort out the details for us. This could be a good deal. Back in the 70s they were charging $7-$13 just do do only the balancing.
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