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Mark Elrod
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Old Injectors

Regarding a 1985 500SEC. The engine runs great, starts great cold, starts great when hot, IF it has not set for more than 15 to 20 minutes. The starting gets worse till it has sat for3 or four hours. It has flooded cylinders, black smoke, missing, etc, once restarted, and cleared out, smooth as silk. Question is, is this an injector problem or a fuel distributor problem?

New information, last evening, while doing headlamp service, car had been in the shop for approximately 30 minutes. I noticed injectors starting to buzz, like bleeding off pressure, this continued for about 30 seconds and stopped. Yes, engine was fuel loaded when I moved from shop approximately 1 hour later.

Sometimes this is worse than others. Any recommendations will be appreciated. This car only has 210,000 miles.

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