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It just seems strange that before adding this product that now it is doing this. Any chance that the fuel itself is bad? it seems unlikely that a container of injector cleaner would cause a problem like this. Wynns is a well respected name, been around a long time. I prefer Chevron Techron, but wouldn't hesitate to use Wynns products. Since one would be led to believe the problem is somehow fuel related, I would start by having someone attempt to start the car while you listen at the rear to see if the fuel pump/pumps run or not. The pumps are located roughly in the area of the right rear wheel under the car. You could also check a spark plug to see if it seems wet and smells of fuel, or dry as though no fuel is being delivered, you could also check for spark at the same time. You could also remove the fuel supply line at the fuel distributor and obtain a glass jar, put the supply hose into the jar and have someone turn the key to on. You can then check that the pump seems to be working adequately and also check the fuel for appearance (cloudyness or if it seems dirty, make sure it isn't Diesel fuel or mostly water).
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