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Originally Posted by mbshop View Post
yer on/off ratio needs to be checked. you might have a lean condition. there is info here on how to check that but again you need some tools. also really helps to have a c.o. machine to read yer exhaust. and a scope. might really be time to have a shop look at it. without a smoke machine you really don't know if you have a vac leak or not.

I followed the directions in the DIY article on how to use the O2 sensor to check for Vacuum leaks. The test came without any leaks, as I suspected beforehand. If by the on/off ratio, you mean the Mixture, we have adjusted it numerous times (including the mercedes repair shop I took it to for diagnosis, which of course he couldn't find the answer to my misfire).

This isn't something simple otherwise we would have had it fixed by now and the previous two owners would have figured it out.

We have also changed valve stem seals, voltage regulator, fuel filter, O2 sensor and vacuum hoses.

I am getting pretty certain that the Fuel Distributor is the problem here as the Mercedes repair guy said there was "rust in the fuel distributor"...but before I replace the Fuel Dist, I want to make sure the certain prerequisites are checked before I go and purchase that relatively expensive part.
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