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Oil Suction devices (Topsider lookalike) !!!

Just change my oil today in preparation of a trip to FL next week.

Recently thought about buying a Oil suction device.
Checked around and one company seems to make the most prevalent models.

Airpower (Topsider, Marine Pro, Fluidvac,and others named devices)

Thought about the Topsider, but didn't care for the material and shape of unit for storage when not in use.

Saw a device called Marine Pro, called them up and low and behold, it's the same maker of Topsider the lady on the phone tells me.

As far as buying it directly, the lady said she can only sell at retail, but suggests Cabela's!


Yes the fishing and outfitting mail order company.

39.95 + shipping

2 days later its here.

I see what you guys mean about easier than getting the ramps out and dropping the encapsulation pan.

Just get the oil warm enough, now that we're in cold weather.

Drew it out including getting the residual from the filter tank in a short time without fuss.

Cleaned out the filter canister, dropped in a new filter and started pouring in Mobil1 5W-30 in no time.

Now if I can get a tool to remove and replace the filter cap, bought a Lilse but it doesn't tighten only loosens,
(Placement is a pain in the butt, both to get out and mostly to tighten)

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