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Racing in the Park

Parks are for cruising. oops Transmission Park.

I haven't checked the transmission flow chart because I don't have one for the MBZ. Many manufactures say to check the transmission fluid level in neutral with the motor idling. The reason for this is that the transmission front pump is not circulating fluid through the transmission in Park. But in neutral there is full circulation of fluid. So If you are reving up the motor in Park with no fluid circulating, there could be damage. You should not be overly concerned with normal idling or running the engine in Park though. Mopar transmissions do not pump fluid through in Park either. I've never heard of a failure due to running the engine in Park. (21 years of police vehicle maintenance experience I've never come accross a problem of engines running in Park).

By the way, does the MBZ book tell you to check the fluid running in neutral? I don't have a book.
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