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Okay, Guys......

Maybe I was being too technical.

I need help with the Climate Control Unit (CCU) or Push Button Unit, whatever it's called.

Everything was fine for a long time. Had replaced the CCU a while back. My wife kept telling me that she heard a hissing noise. I never heard it. Then one day I did begin to hear it. It gradually got louder. I knew it was a vacuum leak, probably in one of the servo's. I took things apart and found the leak at the #3 swithover valve. It was leaking from the vent hole. Replaced the valve, same thing. Replaced the CCU, same thing. Tested the voltage to the #3 and found only 8.79 volts. Supposed to be 11+. Further testing revealed that I get 11+ at #3 when in cooling mode, but turn the wheel to heat and it drops to 8. Why? Where's the problem? CCU? Temp Control Box? Where?

Now, all the other switchover valves are either on or off. They have a + and ground only. However #3 ground goes through everything. The temp wheel, the temp control unit and the CCU. I'd pull my hair out but it's already gone. I've come to a impass, with no where to go.

Any suggestion? Anybody? (set it a fire and call the insurance company?)

Is there a place in Atlanta that has a MB CCU testing unit? Maybe I got a second bad unit? Maybe there's something else that's frying the units when I hook it up?

Two wires, red/black and brown/blue go to #3. Red/black is straight power. Doesn't go through the CCU. Brown/Blue goes through everything. For some reason I'm getting 2+ volts to the brown/blue when hooked to ground. Weird? Should be only (-), right? Red/black to body I get 11+, Red/black to Brown/blue I get 8+ volts.

Somebody shoot me!!! Should I try to find a brand new CCU ($300+ !!!), or is it the Temp Control Box. How do you test a temp control box, anyway?

I'm so confused......

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