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Theory... anyone confirm ?

Had some sparetime here at work and read through a lot of the DIY articles. Great job to everyone involved. Very interesting and good reading.

All this got some of the braincells to start working and I started wondering if some problems I have might be connected.

I've noticed that the engine will idle at 1000+ RPM when warm, but just sometimes. When cold I have never seen that high idle. Starts up right at 750-800RPMs always.

The heater fan (inside cars coupe) will just work on setting 3, but sometimes on setting 2 as well. The glovebox light will work also when the fan works at setting 2. The glovebox light doesn't usually work. I checked the switch.

This made me think that maybe a fuse has a bad connection, but also that maybe the OVP is acting up so that when the fuse is ok and glovebox light and heater fan works, the car idles high. Maybe this fuse feeds all these circuits in some way. Will be interesting to troubleshoot for more details this weekend. But I think I might be on to something.

I had a bunch of electrical problems with my W124 300E, so I am not unfamiliar with those I guess it will be a complete fusebox replacement with ATE-fuses instead on this one as well.

What do you guys think? Am I just imagining things or perhaps onto a few gremlins?
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