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Question adjusting rest stop of air flow plate

I read in the archives about Benzmac's repair reccomendation of adjusting the rest stop on the air flow plate, and I am wanting to see if my car responds to it. Currently my 1990 300E will always take two attempts to start unless it is warm. Benzmac warned that only a certified mechanic should make this adjustment. and if one screws up the adjustment the whole distributor has to come off to go the other way. My problem is this, I have yet to find a good indy here (50 miles north of Grand Rapids,MI) and I asked my local MB dealer if they would do it for me and the service assistant told me I would have at least 1/2 hour of diagnostic time, and the techs would then consider how to move forward.

I would appreciate any feedback you all might have as to wether or not I should attempt this myself, and insight into it if you have done it yourself.


1990 300E (118K)
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