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Shaun McCarren
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I agree w/ the above posts. I just wanted to make sure you realize how rare the 500E is and that it may cost more that the typical Benz at times. It is an amazing car, and as such needs to be babied. If you are a car nut and really passionate about your automobiles (I'm sure you are if your on this site) then giving them the best care is not a problem, and I say go for it. If you are not a car nut I urge you to stay away from the 500E cause it should not be treated as just another car. Nothing personal...I just hate to see these works of arts neglected by owners. About the condition...It seems to be wear and tear items but make sure everything is tight. How is the body? If possible call the previous owner(s). Call the dealer that serviced it and ask them about the owner (if they are small enough). One other thing I'd be leary if the car is not from a MB Dealer.

Best of Luck!
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