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Guys Thanks For The Input,

Here are some more details on the car. The car is being sold by owner and it is a one owner car. The dealer has stated that the car was babied thus all of the little items which were changed. I am weary of what dealers say especially this one because they will probably be selling a new car to him and have a relationship.

As far as being a car me I wouldn't even consider this car if I wasnt a true car nut. I owned a 190E for 6 years and the car was clean enough to eat off of. I have come to realize that once you own a Mercedes its impossible to find anything even close (IE VW Golf, Honda Accord). They just lack the personality.

To let you know I live in northern San Diego and if anyone out there can meet up with me and review the info I have I would love it. I tried going to a local dealer and they blew me off. Would also like to know if there are any good mechanics other than the dealership in this area. I can do some of the work but my garage limits me.

Let me know other opinnions....I think Im going to put a low bid in and see if the seller goes for it.

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